Energy construction

Independently and in cooperation with partners, we offer services in the design and construction of low-voltage systems...

Alternative energy

Taking care of climate change and preserving the environment, LLC "Kvēle" offers various alternative energy solutions...


Promoting the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and supporting the development of electromobility infrastructure...


We provide high-quality technical project development, process management and coordination in accordance with the customer's task and wishes...

General construction

The company and its employees have the necessary qualifications and experience in managing and performing construction works...

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       Promoting the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and supporting the development of electromobility infrastructure, SIA “Kvēle” offers electric vehicle charging stations from Europe-recognized manufacturers both for households, and businesses ,and public sector. The available power range of electric car charging stations is from 3.7 kW to 22 kW and 50 kW.


wall-mounted charging station

free-standing electric car charging stations

fast DC charging stations

       See the available electric car charging stations in section "Products”.
       Given that electric cars are used on a daily basis, from home to work and from work to home, low-capacity electric car charging stations should not be avoided, as we often spend at least 6 hours in the workplace, which is enough to charge an electric car battery with a capacity of 40 kWh at least up to 80% using a 7kW or 22kW charging station.

* The figures given are approximate. They may differ from the battery manufacturer and specifications.

       SIA“Kvēle” has experience in both installation and design of parking lots for the installation and charging needs of electric car charging stations - starting with the choice of location and up to the design and installation of lighting, video surveillance, as well as the choice of charging station security solution.
       SIA "Kvēle" offers a full service:

  • advises the client;
  • inspects the site, selecting and offering the best, most economically advantageous option;
  • in the event of an increase in electricity supply capacity or the need for a new electricity supply connection, assists in the correct completion of the application to the system operator;
  • performs the development of the construction design, including:
    • requests technical regulations,
    • develops drawings and calculations,
    • draws up a specification,
    • coordinates the design with stakeholders and institutions, and the construction board,
    • transfers the project to the system operator and the customer;

  • draws up an estimate;
  • performs construction works related to the construction of power supply lines, installation work of an electric vehicle charging station;
  • carries out electric vehicle charging station maintenance works.
       The employees of SIA “Kvēle” have been trained by the manufacturers of electric car charging stations offered by SIA “Kvēle” and have received certificates on the compliance of competence and qualification in the installation and maintenance of stations.
When choosing the charging stations offered by the company, we offer at least a 2-year warranty for the work performed.
       SIA “Kvēle” cooperation partners will ensure the connection of publicly installed electric car charging stations to the public electric car charging network and the visualization of their location on the maps of the maintainers of the largest electric car charging station networks.