Kvēle SIA


Kvēle” Ltd provides development of high quality technical projects, process management and coordination in accordance with customer order and preferences, existing legislation and regulations. We offer technical advice, author’s supervision services, project management, as well as preparation of expert opinion.

Electricity supply

  • Switchgear and transformer substations of voltage up to 35kV
  • Overhead and cable lines of voltage up to 35kV
  • Street lighting networks
  • Internal lighting and power mains for public and industrial facilities
  • Internal lighting and power mains for residential buildings
  • Lightning and overvoltage protection systems

Low-voltage systems

  • Telecommunications networks
  • IT and TV/SAT networks
  • Security and fire systems
  • Alert systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Access systems

In collaboration with partners “Kvēle” Ltd has executed and offers design work and services also in other fields:

  • Designing of engineering networks (roads and squares, water supply and sewerage, gas supply)
  • Designing of buildings and structures (architecture, structural units)
  • Geodetic work (development of geodetic plans, digital measurements)

We offer